What makes us Virginia’s oldest and most award-winning Distillery? It’s a recipe of hard work, patience, high-quality ingredients, and our people. Our staff keeps our Fredericksburg Distillery running as smoothly as our spirits — and are the passion behind every barrel and bottle that we make. 

There are so many great things about A. Smith Bowman that we decided to ask our staff for their top picks!

A. Smith Bowman Distillery | Sara Palmer

If You Had To Choose, What’s Your Favorite A. Smith Bowman Distillery Spirit?

“Nothing satisfies my sweet tooth quite like Mary Hite Bowman Caramel Bourbon Cream Liqueur! I always have a bottle on hand and love to pour it over a warm chocolate lava cake. Adding ice cream (and maybe a dash more Mary) makes it the perfect boozy dessert!”

Sara Palmer, Tour Guide

A. Smith Bowman Distillery | Chrissy Potts

Where Is The Best Stop on an A. Smith Bowman Distillery Tour?

“The barrel room of course! Not only is it the most beautiful spot in the Distillery, but the smells are incredible — the entire time, you’re surrounded by the sweet aromas of Angel’s Share. It’s a good thing the complimentary tasting is the next stop on the tour…”  

— Chrissy Potts, Tour Guide

A. Smith Bowman Distillery | Carrie Browning

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working at A. Smith Bowman Distillery?

“The new people I meet every day as a tour guide! It’s incredible to see how far and wide people come to share their love for bourbon — and especially our spirits. I always learn something new on every tour I lead. It makes coming to work everyday that much more exciting!”

— Carrie Browning, Tour Guide

Kristen Brumbelow

Do You Have A Go-To A. Smith Bowman Distillery Gift Shop Item?

“I love to buy our Angel’s Share candle! I usually stock up over the holidays since it makes a great gift for any bourbon lover. It smells exactly like our barrel room and has the same delicate, sweet notes found in our bourbon.”

— Kristen Brumbelow, Tour Guide

A. Smith Bowman Distillery | Eric Trommater

Is There An A. Smith Distillery Fact That Surprised You?

“I was amazed to learn how much land the Bowman family owned in Northern Virginia during the 1900s. When you think of Washington D.C. today, it’s hard to imagine a vast, 7,200-acre working farm in Fairfax County!” 

— Eric Trommater, Laborer

Michelle Begin | A. Smith Bowman Distillery

What Is An A. Smith Bowman Distillery Cocktail You Usually Whip Up?

“My favorite cocktail is the Maple Bourbon Sour — it’s featured in our Cocktail Recipe Book! It’s the perfect combination of sweet and sour. The addition of maple syrup and cinnamon compliment the flavors of our award-winning Bowman Brothers Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey perfectly. I mean, who doesn’t love a sour style cocktail?”

— Michelle Begin, Distillery Events Associate

At A. Smith Bowman Distillery, we take great pride in the fact that we’re the current stewards of a nearly 90-year-old story, and we’re equally proud to know that this Distillery, and the spirits we produce, is the center of a national community of friends. What’s your favorite part about A. Smith Bowman Distillery? Leave us a note on Google or Facebook today!