Tinkerman's Gin Lineup


Ahhh, gin. A reliably refreshing spirit that always pairs well with summer and thirst-quenching cocktail recipes. A spirit à la mode of sorts, gin’s popularity continues to grow — due to its versatile nature and, let’s face it, delicious taste. Distilled from a neutral spirit base, gin takes on its famous character from the botanicals added along the way. To be called a gin, the distilled spirit must have a predominant flavor of juniper berries, an aromatic “fruit” that grows on juniper trees.

While A. Smith Bowman Distillery in Fredericksburg, Virginia is most widely known for our award-winning bourbon whiskeys, Virginia’s oldest and most award-winning Distillery has also produced The Most Refreshing Gin On Earth™ — Tinkerman’s Gin! Brian Prewitt, Master Distiller, balances our time-honored distilling traditions with new thinking and creativity to produce hand-crafted gin in our famous copper pot still “George.”

Our limited release gins are small batch — but big flavor. In 2014, Brian began his “Gin-aissance,” and the name of this signature series is derived from his innovative “tinkering” to find the most refreshing and unique flavor combinations. In fact, he christened our copper pot still with his first-ever batch! As award-winning as our other spirits, Tinkerman’s Gins have received Gold Medals at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition and the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. 

The three flavors of Tinkerman’s Gin include Citrus Supreme, Curiously Bright & Complex, and Sweet Spice — all boasting intricate flavor profiles and aromas from varied botanicals.

Tinkerman's Gin Citrus Supreme

Citrus Supreme
Gin Recipe # 4.2

This citrusy experimental gin is famous for its lemon peel, lime peel, Spanish orange, lemongrass, vanilla bean, elderflower, and various other botanicals. Unapologetically floral on the nose, it’s complex and inviting with a citrus character. From your first sip, you can expect a smooth mouthfeel and well-mannered juniper. Citrus Supreme is best enjoyed with tonic or soda water and a lime garnish or in a sour style cocktail.

Tinkerman's Gin Sweet Spice

Sweet Spice
Gin Recipe # 6.3

Our Sweet Spice flavored gin is confidently aromatic. Its rich character draws you in with an aromatic smell and taste of body-warming, satisfying spice. With a bold, but balanced, finish, this gin is a wintertime win. Best enjoyed neat, with ginger ale, pineapple juice, or warm apple juice or cider on a snowy night!

Tinkerman's Gin Curiously Bright and Complex

Curiously Bright & Complex
Gin Recipe # 7.4

Refreshingly exotic and floral on the nose, our Curiously Bright & Complex gin wakes up your palate with its fresh and bright flavors. Featuring jasmine green tea, ginger, lemongrass, Italian juniper, and various other botanicals, it’s an Asian fusion that inspires. With a delicate finish, this gin is perfect on the rocks, or in a martini or gin gimlet.

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